Veni Joint Stock Company

All colourless glass bottles and jars manufactured at the Tur factory and offered by its current owner, Veni S.A., are of exceptional quality. They are provided by a modern, fully automated and computerized production process supervised by a team of experienced technologists, as well as precise control and evaluation of parameters of each individual product performed by the latest generation of measuring devices and specially prepared employees. The most environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable glass packaging is made in the smelter in Turów without harming the environment, as it is the only plant of this type in Poland with a glass bath equipped with gas-oxygen burners, eliminating the formation and emission of harmful gases and pollutants into the atmosphere. This solution also ensures that the best quality glass for the production of packaging is obtained in an extremely clean manner.

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The latest technology applied, as well as innovative solutions introduced to improve production and improve the quality of bottles and jars manufactured, are the result of a comprehensive, technical reconstruction of the plant two years ago. The on-going systemic restructuring, implemented by the owner - BPS Bank Group with its registered office in Warsaw - aims at developing the highest standards in all areas of Veni's business activity.

The tradition of melting glass and making useful objects out of it has been going on in the glassworks in Turów since 1842. Veni S.A. has been writing a new charter in the 175-year history of the plant, manufacturing glass packaging using the most modern technical and technological solutions as well as quality standards allowing to achieve the highest parameters of glass packaging in the European Union.

Full automation of the production process with the use of IS machines of the German company Heye allows for forming of glass packaging in all currently available technologies NNPB, PB, as well as BB, especially in the case of designs with sophisticated shapes. The current offer includes bottles and jars intended mainly for the producers of beverages, food and chemical products. However, depending on the individual needs of our customers, we are able to form original and unique, colourless glass packaging of a wide range of designs, sizes, capacities (from 0.1 to 1.0 litres), weights and any engraved decorations. The design of such jars or bottles, characteristic for a given manufacturer or product, is supported by the Veni S.A. design studio.

Why are Veni S.A. products of the highest quality? The ambition of Veni S.A. is to manufacture glass packaging in accordance with the traditional reliability and quality, with which for over 170 years of its existence the plant in Turów worked. Current, modern technology and technology allow us to produce lightweight packaging made of very thin glass of various shapes and designs. However, they have to meet increasingly stringent quality and durability requirements. In order to melt the excellent glass mass and then form it into perfect bottles and jars, Veni scrupulously observes quality standards and inspection procedures at all stages of production, from the preparation of the glass set to the storage of the finished products in the warehouse.

In the Veni S.A. laboratory, each glass melting component is chemically and granulometrically tested, and then the appropriate portions of raw materials are perfectly mixed in a closed and automatic assembly room. This ensures that when melted in the bathtub, the glass mass is obtained with parameters and chemical composition in accordance with technological and quality standards.

The parameters of each jar and bottle, after being formed, annealed and refined, are verified on the production line by an inspection machine equipped with a system of cameras and laser sensors allowing to detect any imperfection of the glass packaging.

Despite the automatic verification of parameters on the production line, Veni has a quality control department where randomly selected jars and bottles from each mould are subjected to additional, detailed tests, including: height and width, capacity, thickness of glass, correctness of flange and thread, as well as relaxation, slip, resistance to pressure, impact resistance, thermal shock and internal pressure, etc.

The parameters of each jar and bottle, after being formed, annealed and refined, are verified on the production line by an inspection machine equipped with a system of cameras and laser sensors allowing to detect any imperfection of the glass packaging.

Tests and procedures guaranteeing the highest quality of glass packaging manufactured by Veni are complemented by measurements taken in the laboratory with the use of finished products. This is where the class of glass is determined, i.e. its resistance to ageing during ageing and to weathering and to colouring; the density of the glass as well as the content of the individual chemical elements are measured by means of precise spectrometric measurement.